that green light, i want it

This is gonna be vague, but I don't care. There are details that I can't get into but just know that I got together with a good friend, Cholo Laurel, and we pitched some concepts to a possible producer and we've passed some point of entry into creating content that we are very, very passionate…Read more that green light, i want it



Okay, now is some time for self-congratulations and some self-patting in the back. I got featured in two magazines this month and I haven't been featured in a while, so my ego is pretty much making somersaults in glee. It kind of feels nice to be featured for the work that I've been doing. It's…Read more Featured!

a second go at Iloilo and more about the advocacy

So, I'm writing this entry on the 6th,but by the time it gets posted, I'll be in Iloilo giving another talk on HIV and life with HIV at St. Paul's University of Iloilo. It will be my second trip this year to Iloilo and my fourth or fifth activity in my advocacy. I'm doing good…Read more a second go at Iloilo and more about the advocacy