Call for Contributions (Spell Saab)

So good friend, the wonderful Saab Magalona-Bacarro, asked me to help spread the word out of an interesting venture that she and her equally wonderful husband, Jim Bacarro, will be getting into quite soon. And you can check out her own blog for her invite to this exciting little publishing opportunity. Check it out here:…Read more Call for Contributions (Spell Saab)

a summer musing (2016)

I can feel it. Summer is here. The sunshine has that vigour I associate with the season. It's probably one of my favourite times of they year. I'm a tropical boy through-and-through. I love the heat, wearing sleeveless shirts at home and boxers and sweating it out while the sunlight comes crashing through the windows.…Read more a summer musing (2016)

my CD collection

Being home again in Bacolod means I have access to my CD collection -- probably the only thing I've ever collected and it ranges from the first CD I've ever bought (the Reality Bites soundtrack back in the early 90s) all the way to 2006 or 2007 when I was still buying CDs but slowly…Read more my CD collection

Cheats album out on iTunes now!

I got to meet Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro during No Filter. Saab is part of our cast and while we always knew of each other, she has lent her celebrityhood to further the cause of HIV Awareness (amongst other important causes), and we know a lot of common friends we never really got to…Read more Cheats album out on iTunes now!