year’s end

This month's Mercury in Retrograde really fucked me up badly. Everything started crashing down and it's as if all the bad mojo of this year has been rammed up into a wall, represented by the last day of 2017. I've been saying that this has been a challenging year and, I'm afraid to admit, that…Read more year’s end

it was irresponsible but I needed to get away

I just got back from my friend's lake house in Caliraya. Cat and her family have always been such great hosts and I was so glad that they invited me over just this weekend. I really, really needed a chance to recharge and just relax. I foolishly brought my laptop with me thinking I was…Read more it was irresponsible but I needed to get away

a very challenging year

As the year is coming to an end, the nights are darker and colder, and the crows have come to rest on fences and telephone wires. They perch and wait for the bodies to fall. These are frightening, very challenging times indeed. There's something in the air and it's not just the pollution. Just today,…Read more a very challenging year