Labor Day Weekend

It was a long Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day was on a Monday and because of the APEC Summit being held here, the government gave a strange it's-a-holiday-but-not-a-holiday sort of announcement for Thursday and Friday. Lots of people went out of town and I got an invite to go to Caliraya with Cat and Carlo…Read more Labor Day Weekend


I'm not afraid to admit it. I love getting my photograph taken. I probably have said that already before. As a kid, I was so self-conscious and insecure that my dad never liked to take my photo. He used to ask all my siblings to pose for him and when he came to me, he'd…Read more photos

Randy Bustamante Writing Workshop (starting Feb 13)

My good friend and over-all wonderful person, Cat Juan Ledesma, took a writing class with Randy Bustamante. He is a top writing professor from Boston College and Cat has only such amazing things to say about his workshop. He's holding another workshop, a five week course, beginning on February 13 and ending on March 13.…Read more Randy Bustamante Writing Workshop (starting Feb 13)

interviewed by a friend

I've done a lot of interviews before as an HIV advocate. When I came out as a person living with HIV to the world, it seemed people only wanted to interview me and feature me for that. I didn't mind. I was an advocate with a mission to preventing people from getting infected with what…Read more interviewed by a friend