I'm not afraid to admit it. I love getting my photograph taken. I probably have said that already before. As a kid, I was so self-conscious and insecure that my dad never liked to take my photo. He used to ask all my siblings to pose for him and when he came to me, he'd…Read more photos


Life in 35mm

This poem is based on the photo on the right, taken by Jasmine Curtis-Smith It's more pronounced, isn't it? The way the light just gently falls upon the skin, revealing everything that's there: each blemish, every line, the imperfections but also how it captures the feeling, the joy that is present; right at the curve…Read more Life in 35mm

on having my photograph taken

I openly admit how much I love getting my photo taken. I know I'm not a model. I don't have patience nor the imagination to pull off what models need to pull out to be able to project the way they do in magazines and commercials. I'm too self-conscious. But I love seeing photos of…Read more on having my photograph taken