Cracked Mirrors

Two cracked mirrors, when faced, reflect each other as whole.   What is broken remains broken. But we are restored by all that connects us: the cracks, the edges, the shame, and the fear.   In the recognition of ourselves in the other, we transform them and make them beautiful again.


This Summer’s Song

I was once amongst the waves one of many slaves to the rhythm of the tides and I danced to the beat of the beach half-naked and part of the sublime picture of which were the images of summer and I was a child of sun, surf, sand, and sea.   That was me, long ago,…Read more This Summer’s Song


...and if I stay silent will they take that against me? Will that be received with closed fists, raised eyebrows, and a spiteful heart? It's okay, they say, to be sad. Grieve.   You are allowed this moment of brokenness. But on their way home, when the rains come, they scramble for umbrellas or the shade…Read more silent