This is not Broadway

The play has stopped making sense long ago. And since Act I, we’ve been improvising our lines, making everything up as we go along. The playwright isn’t very happy. He’s somewhere backstage, arms akimbo, tapping his foot. Everyone just enters and exits on their own cues now. I find the spotlight too hot and I…Read more This is not Broadway


And then there was the theatre

In the last two year, for some reason or another, I started watching more theatrical productions and stagings. I got to see Battalia Royale staged by Sipat Lawin and saw three different stagings of Red by the Actors Actors' Necessary Theater. I got to see Piaf and Nine and They Are Playing Our Song and Noises…Read more And then there was the theatre


I've been bingeing on musicals lately. I went home to Bacolod and ripped a lot of my CDs of Broadway musicals and my Dad's collection as well. I got Ragtime, Secret Garden, Follies, A Chorus Line, Once on This Island, and Pacific Overtures. Someone stole my Dad's copy of Assassins, but I found it online…Read more musicals

watching Candide (the 2005 concert)

I was lucky enough to happen on a copy of Candide's 2005 Broadway revival concert and with my Dad, we holed up in our living room, blankets around us (as it was so cold), and watched with absolute glee to this amazing production. I fell in love with Candide as far back as the 80s.…Read more watching Candide (the 2005 concert)

Smash: standing ovation necessary

There were comparisons to Glee when people first began talking about Smash, before anyone had even seen the first episode. That kinda scared me already. But the show has Debra Messing in it and it's about putting together a Broadway show, a musical, and so I was willing to give it a shot. I was…Read more Smash: standing ovation necessary