I’m reading this book…

I don't know what I'm doing. I'm currently reading a book. It's not out yet. It's a new edition of a book. And I was asked to write the foreword for the new Philippine edition of this manuscript. So I can't mention the book. But reading this book made me think about some old connections…Read more I’m reading this book…


The No Filter book launch!

Would you believe I really did mean to blog here but I never got to because I got really busy? Several days before the launch, we got busy getting things done and ready. We even found time -- Toff de Venecia, Sab Jose, and myself -- to sit down with Paolo Valenciano, who we ask…Read more The No Filter book launch!

No Filter (the book)

I've teased about it, I think. Made mention that we were cooking something up; we being the lovely guys and gals of The Sandbox Collective, the cast and artistic team of No Filter, and Summit Books. And now we can finally talk about it. ​​ It's the main reason why I flew back to Manila. I…Read more No Filter (the book)

so it’s been a year

The TimeHop app just showed me that exactly one year ago, No Filter had its Press Preview, its first public performance, and my book Remnants was made available online. Wow. So it's been a year. My book barely made a dent. It didn't do as well as I had hoped or planned. I underestimated the…Read more so it’s been a year


My book, Remnants, has slowed down in sales considerably at the beginning of the year. I was selling about five or six copies a month and then when 2016 came, it totally stopped completely. I expected as much. Poetry doesn't have a huge market and I'm practically a nobody. I thought it was going to…Read more impatient

This Is Not a Vacation

I am here to rest, get stronger, and get better but this is not a vacation. My parents, worried about my health, has insisted they take over my social responsibilities -- paying for the food on my table, the roof over my head, my medical costs -- just so that I can get back on…Read more This Is Not a Vacation