It was my birthday yesterday

So yesterday, the 14th, was my birthday. Technically, I'm writing this at 1:28 in the morning so it's still my birthday because I was born at 3:15am. I have a couple of hours left before my birthday really ends. And it's been a pretty normal day. I don't normally celebrate my birthday. Never have. I…Read more It was my birthday yesterday


it was my birthday yesterday

So it was my birthday, yesterday. I usually do the cliche thing and try to write a poem draft like I always do. I write a poem on my birthday, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, sometimes Christmas, and with certain friends' birthdays. I went and revisited a poem I wrote for my birthday two…Read more it was my birthday yesterday

three years later

It was a friend's birthday yesterday, so I went online and opened Facebook so I could check our "friendship" on Facebook and see what photo I could use to post for her birthday greeting. As I was going through the photos on our shared timeline, I saw a post that she shared on my wall…Read more three years later

World AIDS Day 2013

This day marks, sort of, my second birthday. My first birthday is my actual birthday. I consider this, it's a personal thing, to be my second birthday because this is the day that I was reborn -- I went public with my HIV status and somehow got reborn into this new person. I became an…Read more World AIDS Day 2013