belated beach post

I think it's safe to say that I made it back from my beach trip and I got what I needed in terms of sun, sand, and salt water. I really needed that. Three days and two nights away from the city, the sounds of the sea constantly in the background, a cool breeze, blistering…Read more belated beach post



Last Saturday, Ida del Mundo and I held the first day of a 5-day workshop on screenwriting that we are giving 15 freshmen of the Digital Film Department in Benilde. They all applied and they are the ones that we had chosen after our screening of their works. I was super excited to be meeting…Read more freshmen

No One Said It Would Be Easy (Sheryl Crow)

I'm barely getting by. There are days when I question the choices I've made in the past. I could've been more financially stable had I been more practical, more frugal, less frivolous. I believe in living. It's now come to bite me in the ass. No one said it would be easy But no one…Read more No One Said It Would Be Easy (Sheryl Crow)

Almost ready for the break

These days, I'm just finishing off grading the last of my papers and then I don't have anything else that's pressing so I can focus on my scripts. I've been so stressed out but in a good way. Things are ending. This term is ending and I can see a stretch of days where I…Read more Almost ready for the break