Toast (New Year’s Eve 2015)

A toast to being: to fitting inside your skin and knowing that it is where you should be and should have always been, to accepting all the thoughts swimming inside your head and for choosing that which should be set out into the world and what should remain inside, for knowing how to make that…Read more Toast (New Year’s Eve 2015)


What I’ve been up to: No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me

So, I think the cat is out of the bag now and I've put out a teaser poster of one of the projects I've been working on and now we've been publicising our full on cast list and revealed show dates and venue. So, yeah, I'm working on a theatrical production with The Sandbox Collective…Read more What I’ve been up to: No Filter: Let’s Talk About Me

dancing in limbo

It was one of those days. I woke up and nobody was home. My brother and my Dad had a shoot and so I had the house all to myself. I wasn't feeling all so put together and decided to stay home. I started working and I came across one of my projects slowly going…Read more dancing in limbo