against a bright, magenta sky

It was cold and overcast in the first two days of our trip to the beach. My friend Stacy brought work with her and disappeared for most of the first two days while my other friend, PJ, did bring work as well but opted not to and just soak in the atmosphere. I saw Cez…Read more against a bright, magenta sky

in need of a beach

I am going to be needing some beach time very, very soon. Aside from the fact that I might have two projects that are set in a beach, I have always been reinvigorated by a visit to the beach. Getting into the water, floating in the sea, and getting a tan has always managed to…Read more in need of a beach

what i needed

Okay, so I figured out pretty late in the game, that I am suffering from depression. I have no reason to be depressed -- everything's pretty much fine -- but all the symptoms are there. The dip in my productivity, the inactivity, the lack of drive and focus, and this hiding-away-from-the-world bullshit. That's not me…Read more what i needed