Musings from a fake Ilonggo (YoungStar)

Yesterday, an essay I wrote for YoungStar came out. The editors wanted some of their contributors to write love letters to their hometowns and I told Marga, the editor-in-chief that it would have to be a love/hate letter, if she really was going to ask me to write a letter to my family's hometown of…Read more Musings from a fake Ilonggo (YoungStar)


family reunion

On the last week of February, I went to Bacolod, along with all my siblings, to spend a few days with my parents. For the first time in twenty years, my whole family was complete. Well, there are exceptions -- Michelle's husband and kids weren't there, and Bing's son wasn't there -- but everyone I…Read more family reunion

Bacolod for the weekend

I arrived last Friday because I was invited to give a talk on screenwriting at the Negros Museum for the FDCP. The FDCP sponsored my trip back home and I asked to stay for the weekend to be with my parents but at the same time, it was a chance for me to get myself…Read more Bacolod for the weekend

it doesn’t feel like work

I'm on a very tight budget this Manila trip. I haven't done any real, proper work all of last year as I was just recovering in Bacolod, away from my network. I've managed a few jobs here and there but that didn't quite give me enough capital to really go all out on this Manila…Read more it doesn’t feel like work

Rum and sugar (Manila Bulletin)

I wrote a piece about┬áSugarcane Diaries, the second solo exhibit of Coco Torre at House of Frida earlier this month. It's my first time to get published in Manila Bulletin again this year and I miss having my byline on one of the country's leading newspapers. Read: Rum and Sugar (Manila Bulletin) I haven't written…Read more Rum and sugar (Manila Bulletin)