We can end HIV and AIDS TOGETHER

One of the first projects I got into when I arrived was The Red Whistle's video and photo shoot for their new campaign Together. It was wonderful and familiar to be working in production set again and with familiar face and working towards a very familiar theme. Watch the video here: Again, it's just like…Read more We can end HIV and AIDS TOGETHER

What is joy?

I have always liked to think that I was pretty self-aware. I seemed to have an awareness of the things that was going on inside me and if something came up that was beyond my perception of myself, like someone told me something that I did that I wasn't conscious of, I apologised for it…Read more What is joy?

my first talk on poetry

Last Saturday, I gave my first talk on poetry. I've been giving a lot of HIV talks since I became public with my status in 2008 and the objective of those talks are very different. Yes, they are both personal and they are both done in the hopes that people's lives will be enriched; but…Read more my first talk on poetry

compulsory HIV testing coming soon?

The Department of Health (DOH) just recently announced that they are working out a way to make HIV testing compulsory. It has come to this. And I'm unsure about how to feel about it. Read the article here: Coming Soon: Compulsory HIV-AIDS tests? How do I feel about this? I don't know. In March of…Read more compulsory HIV testing coming soon?

speaking at BanAIDS

Last March 1, I found myself at an auditorium in the University of St. La Salle, Bacolod as a guest speaker for BanAIDS, a symposium on HIV and AIDS for nursing and medical students from all around Western Visayas. Honestly, I was wary. I had just spoken eight days prior in the same venue for…Read more speaking at BanAIDS

at Lucy’s Desk

So, the video of my guesting at TV5's Showbiz Police is out on YouTube. I was interviewed by the lovely Lucy Torres-Gomez alongside the very talented Martin Escudero (I've become a big fan of this young actor) about the new show Positive.I don't know why I'm really excited about this show. I haven't been this…Read more at Lucy’s Desk