ghost month

They call August the "ghost month.' It's a Chinese tradition thing. Something about the numerology or the feng shui of the month that nobody does work or something like that come August and it has bled through all the industries because of a lot of Chinese and Filipino-Chinese workers, clients, etcetera. It also seems that…Read more ghost month


stretched so thin

I don't care about how much it costs, I have to go to the beach really soon. I'm exhausted and tired and my mind is stretched out to a point where it is so thin that everything is falling through it. The term ends at the first week of August. When my grades are in…Read more stretched so thin

gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

I'm going to be so swamped this August. I've stopped accepting work right now because it's insane. The amount of work I have to finish before the month ends. But it's okay to be saying no to new work right now because I'm going to be stable and okay until November. I have breathing space,…Read more gonna be a ‘good’ boy for the remainder of August

Another August Gone

And just like that, August is done. Tomorrow, September will rear its head and we'll start hearing Christmas songs in the malls and taxi cab radios. There will be a certain bite to the wind and a sudden feeling of urgency begins to make itself felt. I will know no such thing, though. Halfway through…Read more Another August Gone