third eye

I used to read Tarot cards when I was younger. And I have to say, I was pretty good at it back then. A lot of the people I read for said that I was able to illuminate the dark corners of their issues at hand. I somehow broke through and opened up new avenues…Read more third eye


the disappearing trick

I've always been into astrology but never in the way that I've been into it the way I am now. I think becoming friends with Apa and Jessie have opened me up more into it. Apa and Jessie are both very, very knowledgeable about the zodiac and I've come to learn and become more aware…Read more the disappearing trick

Today, I will listen to the stars

So, yesterday, I open up my daily horoscope from Astrologyzone and find this on my daily horoscope. Now, yes I know I come off as this big Astrology nut -- and I am! I'll admit it -- but I don't really base too many decisions on Astrologyzone. I try to plan with the dates they…Read more Today, I will listen to the stars


I read an article yesterday that I saw on Facebook and it just seemed┬áserendipitous considering everything that has been happening to me lately. Apparently, yesterday was a Solar Eclipse that would mark a turning point in all our lives -- if you are one to believe in cosmic energy and astrology. From the article: Solar…Read more Renewal

settling dust

So things didn't go as planned. As I write these words, I'm starting to think I may have blogged about this a few days before. I think I mentioned it in my entry about cutting my hair. Anyway, things have begun to unfold and I'm feeling more hopeful about how things are going to come…Read more settling dust

like a chicken without a head

So June left me in shambles. Well, shambles is being over-dramatic, but I wasn't prepared. I believe in astrology and the whole mercury in retrograde phenomenon and last June left me scrambling and chasing after my own tail. I've been in too many places at the same time and if it weren't for yoga, I'd…Read more like a chicken without a head