Love/Craft (Panorama)

This is my first guest editor credit and I'm so proud. Late last month, the wonderful people of the Manila Bulletin Lifestyle section asked me to be the guest editor for the love issue of the Panorama. I was so happy to take it because I thought it would be amazing to do something like…Read more Love/Craft (Panorama)

worried about my cred

Every time I tweet a celebrity on Twitter, I feel like I lose a bit of my credibility since I've also been rather vocal about the coming elections. As we draw nearer to the national elections next week, I've found myself to be very thoughtful, maybe even severe, and I have made a fair share…Read more worried about my cred

Catch Foreword | Forward by Airdance Philippines this Saturday

Two members of Airdance Philippines just got accepted to participate in two dance conventions/workshops abroad. Nicole Primero and Jed Amihan have a chance to hone their skills and learn more about choreography and dance while networking with dancers from all over the world and spreading the beauty and artistry of Filipino talent. So their company,…Read more Catch Foreword | Forward by Airdance Philippines this Saturday

lost my head

On September 11, Sonata opened in SM Cinemas nationwide. On September 11, my head exploded. I was a complete and total mess. I was attached, almost on a molecular level, to my cellphone, checking the updates every five minutes and trying to find any news or report on social media regarding how people were taking…Read more lost my head