I was staying at a friend's place for my first two weeks when I got back to Manila. I needed a place to stay while I got myself settled again in the city. It was very generous and kind of my friend and I am so happy to have that first two weeks to get…Read more alone


on my writing space

I think I've talked about this before but I need a place where I can feel alone to be able to do really good, really involved writing work. I'm all alone here at my brother's condominium in Manila for a few more weeks but I'm enjoying the solace. I don't feel as distracted and the…Read more on my writing space

self-imposed sick leave

As a freelancer, I don't have a regular schedule. I set up meetings with clients and collaborators and I try my best to spread them out so that I don't have multiple meetings in one day, if possible. I try to take it easy so that I don't put unnecessary stress on my body and…Read more self-imposed sick leave

Rockeoke 2015: One Night Only; Party like it is 2009!

So apparently, this is happening tonight! Rockeoke was a big thing from, maybe, 2008 to 2009? Maybe 2010? My friends and I heard about this event that happened every Monday at Mag:Net: Bonifacio High Street where you can sing a song on stage with a live band. We are such hams and it sounded a…Read more Rockeoke 2015: One Night Only; Party like it is 2009!