I’m on an album that’s available on Spotify

Last June 22, the Bigkas Pilipinas album was made available on Spotify and I have a track on it where I read my poem The Lamentation Suite. I'm on an album. How did that happen? It has always been my dream to have an album -- a musical one, though -- but I never thought it would…Read more I’m on an album that’s available on Spotify


Are You Ready — Texas

I've been listening to this a lot recently. Found the song on Spotify when I was looking for songs from Texas' album Red Book and didn't know they released this album. I'd be making wishes, hoping they come true I'd be on the other side No matter what you give me, no matter what you do…Read more Are You Ready — Texas

Revisiting: Songs of Mass Destruction by Annie Lennox

I was not the biggest fan of Songs of Mass Destruction when it came out. I'm a huge Annie Lennox fan and Diva and Medusa are two of my favorite albums ever and when she released Bare, I may not have loved each song as reverently as I did in her first two albums but the songs I…Read more Revisiting: Songs of Mass Destruction by Annie Lennox

Cheats album out on iTunes now!

I got to meet Saab Magalona-Bacarro and Jim Bacarro during No Filter. Saab is part of our cast and while we always knew of each other, she has lent her celebrityhood to further the cause of HIV Awareness (amongst other important causes), and we know a lot of common friends we never really got to…Read more Cheats album out on iTunes now!

Stairway to Heaven and Mother

I was never a huge fan of this song. I liked it, but it was never something I would go out of my way to listen to again. I understood how important Led Zeppelin is to rock music, or to music in general, but it was never my thing. Embarrassingly enough, I liked the cover…Read more Stairway to Heaven and Mother