Hanging Out | episode 6 | Just Us

And the season finale. Directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Patrick Valencia. Working on this show has been such a powerful experience for me. I've really, really come to learn more about myself and being a part of the community. I find that it is so fitting that it airs the same day that Moonlight…Read more Hanging Out | episode 6 | Just Us

Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

Tomorrow, we air the season finale of our passion project, the web series Hanging Out, but last night we had a season ender party at Commune. The bands MOONWLK and actor/singer/songwriter/spoken word artist Juan Miguel Severo performed sets, including the songs they so graciously let us use for the show. They aired all the episodes, from…Read more Hang-Over: the Hanging Out finale party

back in Bacolod

I've been back for about two days now and I'm starting to settle again. My Manila trip was full of energy and potential and promise. Everything is different for me now. People are responding to me differently. Exciting opportunities are opening themselves up to me. My relationships with my friends have gotten deeper. I've gotten…Read more back in Bacolod

Social Media Game: Weak / Poor

I thought I'd be more active on social media while I'm here. I'm wandering around the city, hanging out with friends, working, looking for more work, meeting new people. I'm doing stuff and I thought I'd be tweeting more often or taking more photos. Instead, I'm really living the moment. I don't remember to take…Read more Social Media Game: Weak / Poor

Hit the Ground Running

I got to Manila and hit the ground running. I arrived, practically just dumped my luggage at my friend Cez's place, said hello and then rushed off to meet with the other writers of Hanging Out to discuss the changes we were making for the season. We had a deadline to submit episode 3 and…Read more Hit the Ground Running

Hanging Out | Episode 1 | Best Hookup Ever

And tonight we premiered! I am so happy and proud to present the first episode of the first web series of Team magazine, Hanging Out! The first episode is directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Patrick Valencia. This was a work of love and dedication and passion. I hope you enjoy it. The next episode…Read more Hanging Out | Episode 1 | Best Hookup Ever