There's a whole world within you that has just reached the industrial age, the black smoke from the rigours of all your hard work come streaming out of every orifice that you are all at once prickly, biting, but also hopeful.   I've been there before, though it was many, many years ago when people…Read more 22


Gray Matters

At 71, my Dad, the illustrious and practically legendary Filipino filmmaker Peque Gallaga, embarks on a new artistic venture and opened his first one-man solo art exhibit Gray Matters at Gallery Verite last night. For the opening, many of his friends, colleagues, and family came to witness my Dad's artistic renewal. In just one exhibit,…Read more Gray Matters

Thirty-Four today (and five more than I thought I’d ever have)

Today, I turned thirty-four. Wow. I can still remember when I was still a teen-ager and I couldn't wait to be all grown up and now, I'm "all grown up" and I love it. I am loving it. I said, back when I turned thirty that thirty was the best age ever. I was wrong.…Read more Thirty-Four today (and five more than I thought I’d ever have)