a summer musing (2016)

I can feel it. Summer is here. The sunshine has that vigour I associate with the season. It's probably one of my favourite times of they year. I'm a tropical boy through-and-through. I love the heat, wearing sleeveless shirts at home and boxers and sweating it out while the sunlight comes crashing through the windows.…Read more a summer musing (2016)

this is not an excuse

In the rush and flurry of all the work that I've been doing, I found myself in hot water over something completely inexcusable. I've disrespected someone I admire very much and a professional I was working with and I took things for granted and I placed the work before proper etiquette and proper decorum. It's…Read more this is not an excuse

overflow of emotions (a Typhoon Haiyan post)

I've been slipping in my work in-between checking up on the Typhoon Haiyan relief operations on social media. I can't really focus now as the gravity of the situation is becoming clearer and clearer to me as the hours go by. I cannot completely comprehend the full extent of what just happened and what Typhoon…Read more overflow of emotions (a Typhoon Haiyan post)

and a million people marched

I don't know what I was expecting. I guess I was hoping it would feel like EDSA 2; when we all banded together at EDSA and, hand-in-hand, voiced our distaste and displeasure of then-president Estrada. We toppled that administration, only to usher in another corrupt demon; this one was more canny, though. This one was…Read more and a million people marched