And then there was the theatre

In the last two year, for some reason or another, I started watching more theatrical productions and stagings. I got to see Battalia Royale¬†staged by Sipat Lawin and saw three different stagings of Red by the Actors Actors' Necessary Theater. I got to see Piaf and Nine and They Are Playing Our Song and Noises…Read more And then there was the theatre


Last night, I saw the Red Turnip Theater production of Cock. The Mark Bartlett written play is a really well-written four-man piece, a ninety-minute tour de force of rather crisp and witty dialogue and puts the full weight of the play on the shoulders of the actors. There's practically no set design, just a ring…Read more theatrical

If I’m in a Dream, Don’t Wake Me Up

I watched Ballet Philippines' production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I won't lie, I was so freaking excited to go to the CCP to watch a ballet. It had been years since I last saw a ballet that wasn't on a DVD or a Laser Disc player (back in the day!) and I don't know…Read more If I’m in a Dream, Don’t Wake Me Up