Sonata (2013) — Screenplay


Sonata (2013)

Directed by Peque Gallaga & Lore Reyes

Screenplay by Wanggo Gallaga

Cast: Cherie Gil, Chino Jalandoni, Josh Pineda, Chart Motus, Richard Gomez

Produced by the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Ruby’s Arms, My Own Mann Productions, and WildSound

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Nominated for Best Screenplay at the ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards (2015)

Nominated for Best Original Story and Best Original Screenplay at the Golden Screen Awards (2014)

Nominated for Indie Screenwriter of the Year at the Star Awards for Movies (2014)

Sonata received 5 awards and 23 nominations in total.

Press and Media

Cherie Gil deals with beauty and tragedy in Sonata by Mary Grace Calulo (

The story is touching enough on its own, but what sets apart Sonata from most films is that it masterfully weaves a heartfelt story into a kaleidoscope of vivid images and stirring music.

All Soul by Marra PL. Llanot (The Philippine Star)

Sonata is a love story. It’s not, however, in the fashion of trite romances or histrionic telenovelas. No ear-splitting curses and slapping or irrational fits of jealousy disturb the senses. It’s a different kind of love story hardly shown in Filipino films.

Sonata juxtaposes light and shadow, day and night, fame and obscurity, wealth and poverty, leisure and labor, art and reality, family and community, sound and silence, life and death. And when loss happens, hope is not far behind.