No Filter (book) — Editor at Large/writer


No Filter

Published by Summit Publishing Co. Inc.

Editor-in-Chief: Margarita Buenaventura

Managing Editor: Sab Jose

Editors at Large: Toff De Venecia & Wanggo Gallaga


An anthology of dramatic monologues and essays composed of all the pieces performed in the play No Filter and No Filter 2.0 and new pieces.

Included in the anthology is Confessions, a dramatic monologue written by Wanggo Gallaga.



‘#NoFilter’ is book-bound by Coco Maceren (GIST.PH)

The success of No Filter spilled over until No Filter 2.0, where more perspectives and voices were introduced. Now, the people of The Sandbox Collective have grown. They’re going beyond the stage, and into our bookshelves. No Filter is heading to print, and is ready to act like our generation’s bible.

‘No Filter’ — the play is now a book by Jill Tan Radovan (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

The monologues used in these plays, along with a few additional pieces that encapsulate the millennial experience, have been put down on paper and condensed in “No Filter,” the book. Reading it is a revelation, even for nonmillennials.

Reading it in your own voice, you realize that millennials share remotely similar experiences with people from other generations—the Gen X-ers, and, heck, even the Baby Boomers.

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