Hanging Out — episode writer (season 1)


Hanging Out (2016)

Season 1 December 2016 — February 2017

Created by Petersen Vargas and Patrick Valencia

Additional concepts by Wanggo Gallaga

Cast: Paulito del Mundo, Jox Gonzales, Eboy Fernandez, Sheena Ramos, JP Mercado, and Albert Saspa

Directed by Petersen Vargas

Episode Writers: Patrick Valencia (2 episodes), Wanggo Gallaga (2 episodes), Petersen Vargas (1 episode), and Jade Castro (1 episode)

Produced by Team magazine and Blued


Press and Media

The First Gay Filipino Web Series Makes History, Demands Visibility by Dennis Hinzman (Out.com)

In the Philippines, a country whose LGBT community is still fighting for equality and civil rights, a new web series is breaking ground for being the first with gay characters and storylines as the main focus.

Hanging Out follows young, introverted David over six episodes as a botched one-night stand introduces him to a diverse group of new friends.

“Hanging Out” is indeed the “Best Hook Up Story Ever” by Justin Vawter (Psst.ph)

Despite the topic being very taboo as coming out in the country is still a huge problem, “Hanging Out” was well received with over 260,000 views and 4,000 shares already in just a week after it was released in Team Mag’s Facebook page. It received good feedback from the community and was praised for bringing a different light to the gender stereotype.

Scenes from the queer life by Neal Corpus (Philippine Star — YoungStar)

Hanging Out delivers on its promise of bringing us a gay Filipino rom-com: it’s funny, endearing, and sometimes cringe-worthy just because you know it’s too real and it’s probably happened to you before.

Hooked on ‘Hanging Out’ by Vaughn Alviar (Philippine Daily Inquirer — Super)

The strength of the web series, the first of its kind to carry the gay theme in the Philippines, connects to that bit. The show is interesting because, off all the characters on the five episodes so far, all but Ryan can come up again later on—and anybody can practically end up with anybody.
“Hanging Out,” produced by TEAM magazine and co-presented by gay social app Blued, is a departure from the tired plots of many gay-themed productions. Out there is an oversaturation of stories dealing with first encounters and coming to terms, fears of outing and infidelity. This series is not of dilemmas and sob stories—at least not yet. This is a “post-out” story. None of the main gay characters are hiding in the closet.

What ‘Hanging Out’ means for Filipino LGBTQ representation by Apa Agbayani (CNN Life Philippines)

Perhaps the show has undergone some unfair scrutiny as the first gay web series to come out of the country. And while it’s by no means the country’s first gay narrative (we have a rich, storied history of LGBTQ cinema), it’s the first that people can see for free online, then comment on immediately using the same platform. All eyes have been on the show because it’s so readily accessible.

But it’s worth taking a step back and seeing that “Hanging Out” has been a triumph, not just as a treasury of meaningful stories, but as something that makes us feel seen.

youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEVEdnujNCQ&w=560&h=315%5D


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