The power of ‘Nanette’ by Hannah Gadsby

Everyone was posting about how powerful Nanette, a comedy special on Netflix by Hannah Gadsby. was and how they were all reeling through its power and emotional content. One of my weaknesses, I think, is that I'm a little wary and cautious about hype. I tend to stay away from it. I think deep down, it's…Read more The power of ‘Nanette’ by Hannah Gadsby

adrift ‘American River’ by Jonathan Elias

I first discovered Jonathan Elias when someone gave my dad The Prayer Cycles on CD, which I fell in love with immediately and stole from him. He let me steal it because I obviously loved it so much. Every year since I got the CD, I would play it on the first day of the New…Read more adrift ‘American River’ by Jonathan Elias

just saw Top of the Lake

I feel shaken to the core. I was about to have dinner, with lots of work to finish, when I decided I'll watch something on Netflix while I eat. I decided on Top of the Lake and thought to myself, "It's a Jane Campion television show. I might not even like the first episode. If ever…Read more just saw Top of the Lake