in aid to opposition

If you are feeling helpless or that you aren't doing enough in providing proper opposition to what's happening in our country, here's an option you might want to consider. Because what we need now, more than ever, is opposition. Because what we have right now is a dictatorship. The three branches of government are all…Read more in aid to opposition

first day teaching at SHIFT

Today was my first day teaching at SHIFT. With only five students, I felt more in control and I felt like the conditions were better suited for me as a teacher/instructor because I could really get to know each one individually and put my empathy to great use. Teaching scriptwriting, at its core, involves teaching…Read more first day teaching at SHIFT

trains, trains, trains

It was a busy day today. I took five train rides today just getting from one thing to another. First it was to pick up files for a script I'm writing for a television show in Quezon City and then it was off to the College of St. Benilde (CSB) for my day of class…Read more trains, trains, trains

Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover) by Misterwives

I found Misterwives through Spotify radio. I was listening to something, I can't remember what anymore, and when the album had ended (I am listening to full albums again) Spotify went straight to album radio and a Misterwives song came on. It was Machine and I loved it. I put it on a playlist and…Read more Same Drugs (Chance the Rapper cover) by Misterwives