a little bit lighter

Yesterday was a good day. I went to Glorietta to watch Changing Partners after doing some work in the afternoon with YoungStar. Watching Changing Partners is still work because I have to review it but I loved the play and couldn't wait to see the film version. To my surprise, Sandino Martin was there and a friend…Read more a little bit lighter

midlife, crisis

I'm almost forty and I've been going through a really strange shift in perspective. I don't know but I feel like I'm second guessing everything I've been doing lately and I cannot seem to feel content with any of the choices I've made since the year started. Is this what people call midlife crisis? I…Read more midlife, crisis

Could I be a closet introvert?

I read this article What Every Empath will try to hide from you and I know the headline is very click-bait-y but I haven't read much on empaths online and I believe that I am one. I wanted to know what these articles say about them and if I really fall under that category. Reading the…Read more Could I be a closet introvert?

addicted to Netflix and iFlix

I've been really distracted lately and Netflix and iFlix are not helping. When I'd get all my prep work done for my classes, I sit in front of the computer and try to write. I write a sequence here and there, hate it, and then throw it away and stare at a blank screen all…Read more addicted to Netflix and iFlix

underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb

This is a scheduled post. Yesterday, I got in my friend Lance's car and together we drove to La Union to meet up with our friend DC to hang out for a day and a night at the beach and celebrate Lance's last few days as a bachelor. Next month, he's getting married and our…Read more underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb