Will ‘Mindhunter’ be Netflix’s new ‘House of Cards’ (InterAksyon)

I finished Mindhunter in 2 days with a three day break in-between. I am really into the show and I'm so happy that I'm seeing more and more of my friends talking about watching it on my Facebook newsfeed. I wrote this review last Thursday but it only came out now. Read my review here: Will 'Mindhunter'…Read more Will ‘Mindhunter’ be Netflix’s new ‘House of Cards’ (InterAksyon)

‘Happy Death Day’ charms as much as it scares (InterAksyon)

I knew I wanted to see Happy Death Day when I saw the trailer. It's Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow in the horror-comedy genre. It doesn't take itself too seriously, which elevates the film in a way that makes it endearing. There are no ambitions and it just does what it does well and succeeds. Read my…Read more ‘Happy Death Day’ charms as much as it scares (InterAksyon)

Could I be a closet introvert?

I read this article What Every Empath will try to hide from you and I know the headline is very click-bait-y but I haven't read much on empaths online and I believe that I am one. I wanted to know what these articles say about them and if I really fall under that category. Reading the…Read more Could I be a closet introvert?

addicted to Netflix and iFlix

I've been really distracted lately and Netflix and iFlix are not helping. When I'd get all my prep work done for my classes, I sit in front of the computer and try to write. I write a sequence here and there, hate it, and then throw it away and stare at a blank screen all…Read more addicted to Netflix and iFlix

underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb

This is a scheduled post. Yesterday, I got in my friend Lance's car and together we drove to La Union to meet up with our friend DC to hang out for a day and a night at the beach and celebrate Lance's last few days as a bachelor. Next month, he's getting married and our…Read more underwater (hopefully), don’t disturb

I hate my body

It's been on my mind a lot lately. I really don't like my body. I've been a thin guy since my first treatment for meningitis in 2008. All that medicine and not eating and vomiting on a daily basis sort of destroyed any musculature I may have maintained from my physically active days back in…Read more I hate my body

“Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website

My short story, Wife, which was first published in Team magazine's second issue was published in Cecilia Brainard's blog. Ma'am Cecilia is actually a family friend who I met at a one-day writing workshop when I was still a student in La Salle. After the workshop, she approached me and asked me if I was "the…Read more “Wife” was published on author Cecilia Brainard’s website