‘Mary Poppins Returns,’ like its main character, has returned when we needed her the most (ClickTheCity)

I loved it. I loved Mary Poppins Returns. I was expecting to hate it because I really don’t like Rob Marshall because of what he did to Memoirs of a Geisha, Nine, and Into the Woods. But everything is forgiven because Mary Poppins Returns was so wonderful and enjoyable and I laughed out loud and cried four times during the film.

It’s so lovely.

Read my full review here: ‘Mary Poppins Returns, Like Its Main Character, Has Returned When We Needed Her Most (ClickTheCity).

Mary Poppins Returns is an enjoyable romp with fantastic performances by everyone, but most especially by the captivating Emma Blunt

But more than anything, it is Emily Blunt who really shines through and makes everything work. I never saw the original Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews but I heard she was incredible in it. It always bothered me that she won an Oscar for that role — like how could she playing someone called Mary Poppins and flies in while holding an umbrella.

But now that I see Emily Blunt playing the same role, I can finally see what makes Mary Poppins so interesting. Because she is literally perfect. Blunt is almost alien — with little nuances to her character that pops up in every look and tiny gesture. She remains perfectly poised, no matter what happens, and she has this quality that kind of makes the whole narrative revolve around her — even if she is not the main character of the story, in the technical sense of the word.

Structurally, it’s not her story. She is the catalyst but it’s another character that has to make the big climactic decision.

Or maybe, it is her, for there is a climactic decision that she has to make herself and it’s a quiet one, and really brief — blink and you’ll miss it — but you know what I’m talking about once you see it.

And that’s the magic of Emily Blunt. To be such a central figure and yet, still manage to give the film to its proper lead, but still have a tiny moment for herself that creates the possibility of it being hers.

It’s a wonderful, wonderful film and I hope it does super well. The music is gorgeous as well. A proper musical, really. I love it.

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