Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ is filled with enough thrills and drama to stand on its own from its comparisons to ‘A Quiet Place’ (ClickTheCity)

I really had no idea how to write this article. How do you say a movie is just okay? Like, I didn’t know how to write a movie that just did what it was supposed to do for the moment and then that was it. People hated it and I don’t know why. I liked it. I just didn’t think it was great. But I’m happy to have seen Bird Box and I’m happy for Sandra Bullock, who got over 45 million views on Netflix when it was released.

Read my full review here: Netflix film ‘Bird Box’ has enough thrills and drama to stand on its own from its comparisons to ‘A Quiet Place’ (ClickTheCity).

Sandra Bullock in Bird Box

I really need to learn how to write better titles. And the only approach I knew to tackle Bird Box was to address the obvious comparisons to A Quiet Place, which I felt was a completely different movie altogether.

Regardless, I liked it. I’m happy for Sandra Bullock. And — MAN! — Trevante Rhodes is a god. He’s living definition of the divine in human form.

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