it doesn’t feel like Christmas yet

As I’m writing this, I’m broke. I’ve got two projects that have been completed — both projects have been horribly delayed (and I was helpless to do anything about it — and one project that is ongoing but we haven’t gotten our downpayment yet. And the two projects haven’t paid me yet.

Rockwell Christmas is so extra

And it’s a week before Christmas, practically, and I have no money whatsoever.

And I hate having to write posts about money but it’s insane how stupid this industry is when it comes to paying people on time. 

And it’s Christmas! I want to buy people gifts. I want to go to the Christmas parties and not worry about ordering another glass of wine or getting home with the exorbitant price surges of Grab (and regular cabs charge extra during rush hour or they won’t take you).

I just want to know that my bill will get paid when the New Year turns and there’s money in the bank.

It doesn’t feel like Christmas yet. Not with all the work I’ve been doing, trying to make my deadlines so that I could just stop thinking about work completely starting on the 19th and just relax after this busy, busy year.

There’s just so much work that still needs doing because it just seems that every project I’ve been on has been moving so slow. Even my movie project is horrendously delayed and I was just so happy that it had started but — alas! — it’s about two months delayed now.

I’m thinking this might be my most depressing Christmas season ever. I’m not depressed. The word is used as an adjective for the noun Christmas. I’m angry. I’m stressed.

I just want to be able to enjoy. I’ve never been this broke for Christmas. I hate it.

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