A Tidal Wave of Fun: a review of ‘Aquaman’ (ClickTheCity)

Definitely, Aquaman benefits greatly from straying from Zack Snyder’s original mood and tone of the DC Extended Universe. The door was kicked wide open by Patty Jenkin’s Wonder Woman and James Wan decided to fly (or swim) straight through it at full speed.

What we get is a comic book movie that is fun and enjoyable but it sort of suffers because it doesn’t really come off as by any means profound or deep. And in this era of comic book movies that are both fun and thought-provoking, Aquaman doesn’t quite yet measure up.

But baby steps. It’s moving in the right direction and, hopefully soon, the DCEU will match the Marvel Cinematic Universe film-for-film and it would be great for movie-goers of all kinds.

Read my full review here: A Tidel Wave of Fun: a review of Aquaman (ClickTheCity).

Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Willem Dafoe are just having fun with a huge budget but it’s to everybody’s benefit, really

The dialogue is bad and the story is rather frictionless but it boasts some wonderful visuals and some pretty thrilling action sequences that makes for watching in the cinema a lot of fun.

What I wasn’t able to mention in my review is how I really didn’t like the scoring of the film. There are three different kinds of musical genres playing to the narrative. At times it’s epic movie music with full orchestra and a choir and then other times it’s a rock theme with thrashing electric guitars and heavy drums and then at other times it’s electronic with 80s sounding synthesizers reminiscent of Tron (I don’t know if it really is reminiscent of Tron but that’s what it sounds like). It’s confusing and it doesn’t really do much for the movie.

It emphasizes how the film was made more to make the audience happy than it was to tell a cohesive story.

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