Graduate Studies — I’m starting in January!

We were told that we were going to be informed if we got into the graduates program of the University of the Philippines (UP) before December 1. December 1 was supposed to be the orientation for new students. I didn’t get an email and so I thought I didn’t get in.

 My view from my walk to the UP Film Institute back in November when I went to take the entrance test for the graduates program

So I made plans. My beach trip became some sort of way to really lick my wounds because I was so sure that I aced that interview. I was told that I shouldn’t have even taken the test because I failed the initial screening. My undergraduate grades were not sufficient to pass the strict standards of a UP education.

They only let me take the test because they wanted me to go through the interview and convince them to take me in even if I was number 19 of the 23 applicants in ranking.

I was so sure I passed that interview. I was charming and confident. I knew that I had a true purpose to be there and that the twenty years since gaining my bachelor’s degree had given me the right attitude to take graduate studies from a very demanding course in a very demanding school. I know I presented myself and my points well.

But I didn’t hear from them before December 1. I was resigned to not having gotten in and I began to make plans for where else I can get my degree.

with Rianne Soriano, from the Film Department at Benilde, during the entrance exam, who got accepted into the program

And then, just last week, I got the email. I got in. The orientation was moved to December 15, tomorrow, and I got in the program. I am going to be a student again!

I was floored for two days since getting the news. I had already made plans. I was resigned and determined to make it through to my second choice. And now then it came and it turned my whole prospects around.

So I’m going this Saturday to UP for my orientation with Rianne, my colleague at Benilde. She’s going to be my classmate, which will be great for me since that means I will have someone that I know as part of the program. I’m not going to be alone.

The demands of grad school is going to be heavy. It’s going to be demanding. And this is going to be a three and a half year commitment, at the least.

But I want this. I’ve been wanting to take grad school for the longest time now. I need for this work because it’s going to make me a better teacher. I need this for work because it’s going to make me a better filmmaker. I need this for work because I want to contribute more to the film industry as a film scholar as well.

I want this and now I got it. It’s going to demand so much but I’m up to the task. 

I’m going to be a student again. I cannot wait.

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