Big is Not Always Better: a review of ‘Mortal Engines’ (ClickTheCity)

Hera Hilmar’s relatively unknown status doesn’t help her in Mortal Engines no matter how good she was; the story was so dense and not handled properly for her to be able to pop out

Everything in the trailer made me believe that Mortal Engines was directed by Peter Jackson. Of course, now I realize that they never said so. It was produced by him and, later after I’ve seen the film, did I realize he wrote it. But he didn’t direct it. It was Christian Rivers.

And that made so much sense afterwards because as I was watching the film (there were no opening credits) I kept thinking to myself, How come this doesn’t feel like a Peter Jackson film? Peter Jackson knows how to tell a story with multiple characters.

Lo and behold! It was someone else, which made me realize why I felt the storytelling was so uneven.

Read my full review here: Big is Not Always Better: a review of ‘Mortal Engines’ (ClickTheCity).

I wanted to like it. And it’s been a week now since the movie came out and nothing has stuck with me since. It’s a sad thing, though, because the concept is magnificent and it’s big and brash and bold.

But it couldn’t survive an inexperienced director at the helm. There were too many moving parts that nothing could latch on to the audience.


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