Provocative and Brutal, ‘A Private War’ Dares Us to Care (ClickTheCity)

I knew I was going to like A Private War but I didn’t realize how hard it was going to hit. It was when I looked at the filmography of its director, Matthew Heineman that I realized how his documentary filmmaking background had really helped him capture this story with razor sharp focus. 

I didn’t feel like he went for cheap shots, which he easily could have.

Read my full review here: Provocative and Brutal, ‘A Private War’ Dares Us To Care (ClickTheCity).

Rosamund Pike and Jamie Dornan in the affecting A Private War

Rosamund Pike has really transformed herself for this role, shedding every bit of Amy from Gone Girl to deliver a stellar performance of Marie Corvin, not that I know the real-life war correspondent that the film is about. But I feel like I saw — through the lived-in performance of Pike — why this person deserves this cinematic portrayal.

What a powerful story and what a powerful message. War is just so needless and stupid and this film really moved me. I went and got a drink right afterwards and I’ve never done that — drinking at home while writing my review. 

That’s how much the film had affected me.

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