beach bound

In about two hours, I’m going to be closing up my unit for a few days as I head out for the beach.

This is going to be my only beach trip for the year. For me, that’s horrible. I used to go thrice a year with friends or family. For the past three years, my beach trips have been down to once a year and they were just desperate attempts to somehow make this self appointed quota that I insist on taking.

But if I don’t go, my whole circuitry goes whack. I need this.

photo by Cecile Golez taken sometime in 2015

This was a plan by my new friends, former students and now colleagues, Celina and Jasper. They are my writing team for the television show I’m doing for Cignal, which will hopefully air next year, though everything is moving so slowly.

Everything is moving so slowly. The documentary I started last April hasn’t finished yet and we were supposed to air on September and have this huge cinema release come World AIDS Day.

But World AIDS Day was yesterday and we’re still finalizing the script and the VOs and there are still additional shoots to do.

And my film is one month delayed and there are updates and I haven’t heard from the team in a long while.

So, yeah, this whole flurry of activity this whole year and I have nothing to show for it except works-in-progress and laying down more foundations in teaching, which has become the new constant in my life.

And I guess that’s why I want to get back to the beach because if it is anything the sea has taught me (and continues to teach me) is that nothing is constant. The tides change the shape of the beach everyday and everything returns to the heart of the ocean.

Everything is all just salt, water, and sand. Everything is pulled by unseen forces outside of our sphere of control. Submit. Hold your breath and go under and surface to new shores at every turn.


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