the hustle and the bustle

I have barely written a new entry here at all that wasn’t just to amplify my reviews for ClickTheCity. And while my life has found itself a routine that I actually quite enjoy (horrors! I like a routine!), it comes with insights and thoughts that I don’t feel comfortable sharing on a public space because it involves interactions with my students and colleagues in the industry that are not just my story to share.

Part of the routine

I feel like I’d need permission to open up these topics or find a better way to talk about these insights without revealing names and places and things that are very much identifiable.

I remember all my former blog posts from older blogs that I’ve had back in blogspot that may have been intrusive of other people’s privacy. All I can say is that I was younger then. I wasn’t so aware of the respect that comes with talking about our shared experiences so candidly on a public sphere.

For that, I apologize.

My life has not been boring. I applied for my Masters and I think deserves a blog post, which I’ll do at some point. My film is a month delayed and there are reasons, which I want to share here, but I’ll wait for any official announcement. My television show that I’m working on is moving slowly but steadily and I’ll also wait for official word.

I’m loving being a teacher. I think I should’ve done this sooner. But I wasn’t at the right head space then and I’m so ready for it now.

My life is moving and I’m busy and that’s why I don’t have the time to blog my thoughts out as I usually do. I think I’m becoming more introverted as I get older. I feel less inclined to share parts of myself to everyone as I was won’t to do in my younger years.

I think I’ve become more comfortable with my writing that I feel that it can represent me and my thoughts and insights in a more layered and nuanced way without having to be so blunt and direct about it.

Maybe this is what they mean when they say, “Save some for yourself.” 


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