Relish in the Old School Simplicity of ‘Overlord’ (ClickTheCity)

I liked Overlord. I came in completely blind to this movie; not having seen the trailer or read any review or article about it. I was surprised to see the JJ Abrams stamp on it at the beginning and I thoroughly enjoyed myself while watching it. It felt refreshing and different from many of the films I’ve been watching this year.

Read my full review here: Relish in the Old School Simplicity of ‘Overlord’ (ClickTheCity).


I didn’t even recognize the beautiful face of Iain de Caestecker (who I’ve had a crush on since The Fades) until I saw his name at the credits

I think not having any real recognizable star did wonders for the film because it kept every moment unpredictable. The first act of the movie was just brutal and surprising at every turn that as the second and third act commenced, I was completely at the mercy of director Julius Avery and his whims.

It was straightforward and it was refreshingly so. It was the kind of movie that I didn’t know I missed seeing. This straight-up good versus evil, without any of the layers and nuances of today’s cinema offerings. Don’t get me wrong. I love that the films coming out these days are tougher and more demanding of the audience.

But every now and then, it’s nice to be able to cheer for the good guys and not feel guilty about it.


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