The Cinematic Brilliance of ‘Suspiria’ (ClickTheCity)

I didn’t know anything about the original movie except that it existed. Coming in blind was probably a good way to experience coming in to watch the new version of Suspiria by Luca Guadagnino.

Because I was so amazed and overwhelmed and shocked and riveted by this amazing work of filmmaking. Aside from the story and how it doesn’t even try to explain itself.

And the filmmaking! The direction! The performances! The music and sound design! I can put as many exclamation marks and it wouldn’t be enough.

Read my full review here: The Cinematic Brilliance of ‘Suspiria’ (ClickTheCity).


Dakota Johnson and Mia Goth and the rest of the cast (especially Tilda Swinton) are incredible in Suspiria

As horror films go, this is really one of the best I’ve seen. It’s a mind-fuck and in a good way and, yes, it’s gory and creepy and full of tension, but it’s what I want from something like this.

And its depiction of witches is just incredible.



3 thoughts on “The Cinematic Brilliance of ‘Suspiria’ (ClickTheCity)

    • Thank you!

      I actually loved how so much was happening but it was all centered around the coven and the coming of the final ritual. There were so many moving parts but I felt they were all orbiting around this big event. It had me so engaged I really didn’t notice the two hours that passed.

  1. This is an excellent review that greatly speaks to the cinematic craftsmanship and general ideas that are underpinning the film. I also appreciate your viewpoint of having seen this film in isolation to Dario Argento’s 1977 film.

    I think Suspiria is a persistently engrossing and unnerving experience, that admirably attempts to combine historical weight and primordial pathos.

    You can find out more in my review below:

    If you find the piece to your liking, then please comment and follow.

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