late night Tagaytay

So last Monday, my friends Jasper and Celina just asked me if we wanted to go to Tagaytay for dinner on Wednesday instead of our usual hangout and drink session, which we do once a week.

And I just said ‘yes’ without thinking too hard about it.


and just like that we were on the road up to Tagaytay just for the change of scene

So by 3:30 on Wednesday, Celina and Jasper left work and picked me up in school and the next thing I know, we were at the skyway heading to Tagaytay.

It was so random and spontaneous — as spontaneous as planning it just two days earlier is spontaneous —  and I don’t regret it. I did it as a means to jumpstart my brain and shock it back into regular programming because I’ve been stuck in an endless pattern of school-write-sleep-repeat and I was beginning to feel like a machine.

Being a weeknight, the drive to Tagaytay was actually kind of pleasant. We went for bulalo, which is a specialty of Tagaytay apparently. There were so many places to choose from and we chose one and had a huge bowl of the beef marrow soup and ate like kings. Then we looked for a bar to have one drink (since Celina was driving). One drink was all we could take but it was all we needed.

We were kind of in a high from just being somewhere not in Manila and it was really cool and I was wearing a sweater and it was just so nice and different and refreshing being there.

And honestly, other than the gas, it wasn’t that expensive an excursion. Food can be cheap and still great outside of Manila, if you don’t mind it not being fancy because there are fancy places to visit in Tagaytay.

It was a really good idea. Jasper said to do it at least once a month. Hell, yeah! Why not?


It was the first bulalo restaurant I saw on Google with a high rating and it was exactly what we were looking for


Bulalo: It’s not what the doctor ordered but it’s exactly what we were looking for

It was really nice not feeling like a robot and doing something outside of my usual pattern. I never liked routine. It’s why I never really had a regular job. I don’t know what happened that I got so busy that I became this assembly line of writing and schoolwork.

I’m glad I got to be spontaneous again like I was before.

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