‘Liway’ and the Power of Restraint (ClickTheCity)


Glaiza de Castro makes an impressive star turn and shows off her impressive talents in Liway

I got to see Liway earlier this week and I have to say that it might be one of the most relevant and significant movies to come out this year for the Philippines. But as I say this, I also have to underline the fact that the movie can be better. There’s a lot of choices that director Kip Oebanda makes that is a little confusing.

Because Liway is marvelously restraint but that restraint is also its downfall. Because this film could be so epic. This film could be so powerful but the cold hand with which it was executed took away from its power. Except for the final moments, which, during a conversation film critic Philbert Dy, has led me to feel that it might have been manipulative and calculating in design.

Regardless of that, though, it is quite an eye-opening film and it is a must-see in this world where history is being rewritten and it helps set the record straight. It’s importance outweighs its craft.

Read my review here: ‘Liway’ and the Power of Restraint (ClickTheCity).

It’s an impressive star turn for Glaiza de Castro, who shows off her maturity and dynamic screen presence. This is a wonderful vehicle for her to really show people her incredible range.

Yeah, the film is flawed but it is powerful for what it has to say. Go and watch it.

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