‘A Star is Born:’ A Cautionary Rock and Roll Fairy Tale (ClickTheCity)

I liked it a lot. I wanted to love A Star is Born but I didn’t feel as ruined as I wanted to be at the film’s end. I felt so cold and detached and it has nothing to do with the superb acting displayed here by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, nor Bradley Cooper’s sharp direction, or gorgeous songs. It’s the script that made me feel so distant from these characters.

But the more I talk about it, the more I know that I think it’s a good film. I guess I just was expecting more?

Read my full review here: ‘A Star is Born:’ A Cautionary Rock and Roll Fairy Tale (ClickTheCity).


Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga killed it and everything else in their path in A Star is Born

But say what people will about Lady Gaga, she killed this. She sold it and she was there for everyone to see with no place to hide and she brought her commitment and dedication to making this work and it really, really worked.

And the music is just so great. I haven’t stopped listening to the album since it was made available on Spotify.

I don’t know what it is that kept me from fully giving in to the whole movie but I was distant from it but I know that it was just me because I was surrounded in the cinema by people crying their eyes out.

You still have to see it. It’s wonderful.

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