Opting for Comedy and Family-friendly Entertainment, ‘Venom’ Wastes its Potential (ClickTheCity)


even with a bad script, Tom Hardy will shine in any movie

I wasn’t expecting much from Venom but I had hopes that Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams were going to pull through somehow. But, sadly, no. It was not to be. It was a dumb film with really lazy writing in terms of structure. But, and it’s a big but, I still enjoyed myself, despite it.

And this might be because I’m totally in love with Tom Hardy but the man did such an amazing job at showing a completely different side to him. He was playing a new and refreshing character that there was electricity when he was playing Eddie Brock, who thought he was losing his mind as he dealt with the symbiote Venom.

Read my full review here: Opting for Comedy and Family-friendly Entertainment, ‘Venom’ Wastes its Potential (ClickTheCity).

I felt like Michelle Williams just phone it in and I’ve come to a conclusion that if she doesn’t really believe in the project, she just delivers her lines. Because when she’s amazing, she’s stellar and she steals scenes from everybody and she’s magical. But when she’s not inspired, she’s so bland. Venom is an example of that. The Greatest Showman is another.

They say there’s a director’s cut with an additional 40-minutes that might come out on DVD and I’m hoping for that. Any excuse to watch Tom Hardy play this character again.


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