Bare but Extremely Verbose, ‘Lungs’ Demands Your Attention (ClickTheCity)

My second theater review for ClickTheCity is out now and it’s for the staging of Duncan MacMillan’s play Lungs, produced by The Sandbox Collective. And it’s a hell of a production. I got to see the special press screening before opening night and it was already together. There was just some fine tuning that needed to be done and the rigorous demands of the two man piece meant that the couple had to get used to the rhythm with a live audience but they are both so good that it’s going to be perfect by the next shows.

Read my review here: Bare but Extremely Verbose, ‘Lungs’ Demands Your Attention (ClickTheCity).


Sab Jose and Jake Cuenca in The Sandbox Collective’s production of Lungs

And it’s a wonderful showcase of a leading lady on the rise as Sab Jose takes the spotlight and shines. This is her moment and she’s got it in the bag. This is also a great move for Jake Cuenca, who is completely devoid of his work in television and film. Here, he is a generous supporting actor with genuine earnestness that brings the role to life.

It’s a wonderfully dense material and it’s hard-hitting and tough and it demands a lot from its audience and it’s even made more demanding by Andrei Nikolai Pamintuan’s direction, which strips the play from almost any stage craft. It’s just two actors, lighting cues, and a volume of profound thoughts.

Catch the show while you can. It’s so worth it.


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