the last two chapters of 2018


I’ve become very adept at taking these ‘I’m-tired-I-need-more-sleep’ selfies and I’ve been posting them on my IG stories

Last Friday night (or the early morning of Saturday, depends on how you look at it), I finished the last segment of the script of the documentary I’m working on. After reading files and files of transcripts of over two months worth of interviews, I’ve finally been able to cut up all the necessary sound bites to put in the documentary and the first draft is ready.

Now, of course, we are working double time to make revisions and the production team are shooting all the necessary video inserts so that we aren’t just a lot of talking heads. I’m no longer available — schedule-wise — to go to shoots. We were supposed to be done with all the shoots by the end of July but delays came in and we are over a month delayed. I was supposed to have spent all of August working on the script but I only had just a few days shy of two weeks to put it all together.

Those were the two hardest weeks of my life. We were supposed to be done so I could be available and ready for the return of school and my other projects. But no. We were delayed and I had to juggle everything — including my movie, which has now moved on from development to pre-production.

But when I sent the e-mail with the last segment of the script, I went to sleep without setting my alarm. I slept for ten hours straight, the first good sleep I had in two weeks.

And now I feel like my soul is lighter. I feel chipper. I feel like my old perky self.

And now, I feel like 2018 has only two chapters left for me to go through now. This new chapter involves getting the documentary out there, finishing off the last episode of At The Table (the television show I was working on all year), and watching my movie come together for a next year early release.

It’s pretty much cleaning up all the stuff that I’ve been working on this whole year, which battered me down these past few months.

The last chapter of the year is me preparing to reap what I’ve sown. This documentary, whether it makes a mark or not, will give me a more diverse set of tools to work and to sell myself with. This opens me up to a whole new set of possibilities.

Like a previous entry said, I’m already getting buzz within the industry for the movie I’m working on now. Whether or not it’s a hit, sliding from the indie scene into the mainstream circuit will open up doors for me.

If the documentary comes out with a  longer, theatrical-release version then I’d have five movies to my name by early next year.

Yeah, that’s a lot of reaping for all the sowing I’ve been doing.

And I want to be able to enjoy that. I want to be able to kick my feet up and pat myself on the back for a job well done this 2018, which has been a very difficult year.

I deserve it, man. I’m going to end this year with a bang.


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