in the deep end with Daniel Sloss


if you have Netflix then watch his two specials immediately

I just saw the two-part comedy special Daniel Sloss: Live Shows on Netflix and I’m still reeling. What a brilliant mind! He’s funny but also thought-provoking and he’s a genius at narrative construction in a stand-up comedy format. He sets up the narrative, fills it in with jokes, and then proceeds to talk about a very personal experience that is both heartbreaking and profoundly enriching in its humanity.

These bits on his personal experience — in Dark, he talks about his sister Josie, and in Jigsaw, he talks about his ex-girlfriend and love — are not things that you would normally laugh at; not the the things he talks about, but the way he frames it, it sounds like a punchline is coming but nothing comes. It’s just a powerfully moving observation about what it means to be human under these circumstances that he is talking about and it tears you apart.

And when the tension is so strong, he manages to throw in some jokes in, but he will come back to it to ensure that we don’t forget the lesson.

I’m reminded of Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, where she talks about the structure of a joke and what is lost in the telling of the joke. It still holds true but, somehow, Daniel Sloss manages to circumnavigate that loss and turn it into something that we can take away with us.

It is still funny — and I’ve caught myself laughing out loud with his irreverent disregard for politeness in his other routines — but it stays with me right afterwards.

What also gets me is that many things he shares about his family is very reminiscent to mine — liberal parents, how humor is our language of love in both our families, the irreverence but the moral center that never wavers, even when he is being irreverent, his thoughts on love and relationships, on being single, on dealing with tragedy — and I just get him.

Or it’s more like he gets me.

And I’ve seen a lot of comedy specials and I love watching stand-up and I’ve even trained in comedy improvs (took a summer workshop in Bacolod) but this is the first time that I’ve watched a comic that I could really, really relate to.

Those experiences are things that I have experienced.


Look at him. He’s gorgeous. What a babe!

And just look at him. He’s gorgeous. And there’s such a masculine way about him, which is so my type, but he is also not afraid to look or sound foolish and that gets to me. There is an intensity that I’m totally attracted to but it’s also the wisdom and that clear moral center that’s evident, no matter how much he calls himself a dick or an asshole. And the Scottish accent is just so fucking endearing.

Of course, I followed him on Instagram and Twitter. I mean, c’mon! The shows alone are worth it already and he had to be a total babe? No way! I’m dead. This is too much.


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