got a call from Viva

I was in the middle of writing when I got a text from my Tita June Rufino, who works at Viva. She was my dad’s manager back when he was still active in the industry and she’s a family friend. When dad semi-retired, we haven’t heard from Tita June in a while because she’s extremely busy.


cheers to good fortune! (photo taken last January, 2018)

Viva, after all, is one of the biggest names in the Philippine film industry. They have a stable of some of the biggest stars in the country and they have been producing some of the most amazing films in the past few years including favorites like Sid & Aya and Never Not Love You.

I got a text from her last night asking if she could call and I said I could take a call and she told me that she heard amazing things about the script I’m working on now. My director has been talking about it with everyone that actors have heard about it and now producers have heard about it and the momentum has really gained.

And we haven’t even announced the project yet!

And now she wants me to send her my story ideas so that they can pick from them to develop it into a script.

This is a huge deal. Viva is a huge deal and I’m a big fan of their last few films. It’s quality stuff and they want me to pitch and write a movie for them. How did it get to this? How did I get here?

And what happens now when I said I needed to take a break from writing after this documentary and movie comes out? Because I’m exhausted and I don’t know if I can physically handle another big project.

But this is a big project. I got my T-Rex movie because I was asked to pitch by my film’s producer who has worked with me before. Now, I’m being asked to pitch because of a film that hasn’t been released yet but has just been building momentum through development.

Have I made it? Is this what it means? Because, if I’m to be honest, nobody out there in the movie going public has really seen my work but the very few who have watched Sonata and T’yanak. And that’s very few. But I feel known in the industry. And not just for being my dad’s son.

Word about my script has been circulating in the industry that my Tita June Rufino heard about it. This is huge. I’m weak in the knees right now.

I’m going to eat my words, right? Talking about taking a break and not doing any big project next year. That’s all bullshit, isn’t it? Because how often do these breaks come? And I am not yet in the level of being able to delay this until I’m ready.

They aren’t going to wait and I’ve waited my whole life for this.


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