it’s begun


one of the many selfies I took while taking a Grab to school

I just got through a really tough two days last Thursday. It was grueling. I had a deadline for three of five segments of my documentary while the threat of another rewrite for my film was looming overhead. And when Friday came, exhausted from writing the whole day of Thursday, I came to school with a heavy load of work to do at the office as there was so much to fix in terms of classroom assignments and a class schedule that was not aligned properly.

So, it seems, I’ll be taking over another 8am class this term. This time it’s a script class on Friday.

With two 8am classes this term, it’s going to mean that I will be sleeping early on Tuesdays and Thursday. That will be interesting. I’m glad to handle SCRIPT2 again. I kinda miss teaching scriptwriting and considering how much work I’ve been doing on the side consulting with students for their thesis films, I think I really need to do some extra work to help the next batch get along.

I also met the freshmen of the Film Department and there’s a lot of them. Like a whole bunch! It’s a huge number that, starting third term, we will be opening four to eight new sections for them.

We’re going to be all-hands on deck starting next year and we’re going to be needing new teachers.

This is going to be insane.

It’s really begun now for me as the Faculty Program Coordinator. This job is no joke but I’m happy to get it. I love my work in school. I really think I can do this full time. That means 18 units a week. That’s means I’d be averaging four hours a day but I can split that into three days. And I don’t mind going to school thrice a week if I’m going to teach.

I’m excited to finish my Masters now.

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