Other Than Some Good Jump Scares, ‘The Nun’ Offers Nothing New to the Genre (ClickTheCity)

I was actually frightened by one of the jump scares in the trailer of The Nun. I’m proud of the fact that having been born in the home of a director, watching movies and being around movie sets since I was a kid, and having a lot of filmmaker friends, I’ve come to know when to expect a jump scare and where to put my eyes so it doesn’t scare me.

It’s an instinct. It just happens naturally. So it takes a lot to scare me in films. I love Hereditary and The Witch but that’s because they never relied on jump scares. So I was pretty pleasantly surprised that The Nun was able to get a jump out of me.

Then I saw the movie and I was so disappointed.

Read my full review here: Other than some good jump scares, ‘The Nun’ offers nothing new to the genre (ClickTheCity).


The Nun is a serious waste of Taissa Fermiga’s talents

I miss The Conjuring. That was a good movie. That played upon our fears of isolation and it’s a slap on our faces for all our attempts to starting fresh, just like the family in the film tried to do by moving to that lovely house that was, unfortunately, haunted.

The Nun has none of that sense of nuance. There are no layers to it. It’s just pure, abstract demonic evil and that’s so flimsy in this world with real evil in positions of power and a world that’s dying. For horror to truly be horrifying, it has to come from a place that’s real. And The Nun does not do that at all.


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