Act IV and V


realizing your last 30 scenes in your screenplay is structured wrong and it’s already past two in the morning

I was up until 4am early this morning working on the final draft of the script for a project that will now be announced by the end of the coming week. It’s finally moving forward and now that we have our cast, my producer and I stayed up really late last night, fixing the script and making adjustments in the dialogue and the scenes to play to our main cast’s strengths.

In the process of writing, we still couldn’t nail the ending. The dialogue felt forced and the final set of beats just didn’t seem to land. There was something essentially wrong with the way it was put together and that was when we decided to break it down not as a 3-Act structure but as a 5-Act structure and that’s where we saw our flaws.

Something happened from draft 5 to draft 6 where one of our story consultants pushed us to add two more heavy dramatic beats, which conflated our ending and brought it to so many different places.

So, it wasn’t until four in the morning that we decided to sleep on it and then revise the last two acts of the movie. So with a slight migraine (I just woke up and I haven’t had my coffee yet) and a whole script to revise — you don’t just revise the last two acts of a screenplay, you have to fix everything to accommodate your new beats — I have to give up Sunday Family Day, which is sacred for me, to finish this script before midnight.

We need to submit a final script by midnight so that the director and his staff can finalize shoot days and locations and everything else.

This is it. Final stretch. It’s the last push before the big climax of this five act story of the movie getting started. This is the big climax of my personal little movie in how I was getting this film off the ground.

I can’t wait to share the big announcements soon!

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